screen time: forgot passcode – what to do?
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screen time: forgot passcode – what to do?

screen time: forgot passcode - what to do?

If you’ve forgotten your Screen Time passcode on your iPhone, don’t worry – there are several steps you can take to reset it and regain access to your device.

First, try entering your Apple ID password when prompted for the passcode. This may allow you to reset the passcode and regain access to Screen Time. If this doesn’t work, there are a few other options to try.

If you forgot your Screen Time passcode - Apple Support

You can try resetting the passcode using your iPhone’s recovery mode. To do this, you’ll need to connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Then, put your iPhone into recovery mode by following the instructions for your specific device. Once your iPhone is in recovery mode, select the option to “Restore” it. This will erase all data on your iPhone and reset the Screen Time passcode to the default value.

If you don’t have access to a computer or don’t want to erase your data, you can try using a third-party tool to reset the Screen Time passcode. There are several such tools available online, but be sure to do your research and choose a reputable one.

If all else fails, you can contact Apple Support for further assistance. They may be able to help you reset your Screen Time passcode or provide other solutions to regain access to your device.

It’s important to remember to keep track of your passcodes and passwords to avoid this situation in the future. You can also use features like Touch ID or Face ID to bypass the need for a passcode altogether.


  1. Screen Time helps you manage your iPhone usage and prevent excessive screen time, which can lead to negative effects on your health and productivity.
  2. With Screen Time, you can set limits on specific apps or categories of apps, which can help you stay focused and avoid distractions.
  3. You can use Screen Time to track your device usage over time, which can help you identify patterns and make changes to your habits.
  4. Screen Time allows you to set up parental controls, making it easier to monitor your children’s device usage and ensure they’re staying safe online.


  1. Forgetting your Screen Time passcode can be frustrating and lead to the need for a reset, which can result in the loss of data or settings.
  2. Some users may find Screen Time’s monitoring and limit-setting features too restrictive or intrusive.
  3. Screen Time can be bypassed by simply turning off the feature or changing the system clock, which may make it less effective for some users.
  4. Using Screen Time to limit app usage or device access may lead to conflicts or tension in relationships, such as with children who feel unfairly restricted or monitored by their parents.

Overall, Screen Time can be a useful tool for managing device usage and promoting healthier habits, but it may also have its drawbacks depending on the user’s needs and preferences.


In conclusion, forgetting your Screen Time passcode can be frustrating, but there are several steps you can take to reset it and regain access to your device. By following these tips and using caution when setting and storing passcodes, you can continue using your iPhone with ease and security.

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